Part Time Service Tech

Females & Males

Part-time to Full-time Contract

 Receive $17.05 per hour



CLUBB CANADA offers Clients & Patients FIT – Personal Training or PHYSIO – Physiotherapy Treatments in the comfort of their Home, Condo or Apartment.  We visit our Client & Patients across the GTA.


  • You provide Clubb Canada the Days & Times you are regularly available to work during the week & weekends – Mornings, Afternoons or Evenings shift(s). 
  • You will monitor Clubb Canada’s website regularly by computer & quickly respond to Clients, Patients, Staff & the Owners requests.

  • You are required to be an organized person keeping proper records of Clients & MPTs FITness information on your computer. Plus, records of Patients & MPAs PHYSIOtherapy  information on your computer.
  • Any other duties that may be assigned by the Owner or Business Tech.

  • You will be expected to post periodically email (eg. Mail Chimp) marketing ads, blogs & social media updates.

  • Help & support the Owner to resolve problems with Clients, Patients, MPTs, MPAs & Technical problems.
  • You will operate as a Part Time Service Tech & Representative of Clubb Canada. You agree you will help & work with the Owner to improve sales & service of FITness & PHYSIOtherapy.

  • You will work as a Part Time Service Tech approx. 15 to 30 hours a week. As we reopen after being closed due to Covid-19 & adding PHYSIO – In Person Mobile Physiotherapy to our services.
  • You will start at $17.05 per hour & your starting pay will be periodically reviewed & dependent on your performance increased.
  • Willing to appear on Clubb Canada’s website wearing a Clubb Canada T-shirt & in social media Ads if requested.


  • Resume with Education, Computer education or experience, Accounting, Medical office knowledge. 

  •  Energetic, Able to work independently & Reliable. A Team player, results oriented, self motivated with competent knowledge of computers.

  • Excellent communication skills dealing with persons of all ages. Customer service patience in communicating with Seniors & long term care Patients.
  • Background checks are required for all positions & contractors.

How to apply:

Contact Randy at