Mobile Physio Assistant (MPA)

Females & Males

Part-time to Full-time Contract


Receive $60 per Session/Patient Visit



CLUBB CANADA offers Patients In Person Physiotherapy in their Homes, Condos and Apartments.


  • You provide the regular Days & Times you are available monthly to provide care to our Patients in their homes, condos & apartments.  You choose the area(s) you want to service in the GTA.
  • Create a rewarding physiotherapy experience for your Patients. Strive to help the Patient to ease their discomfort and improve their mobility
  • Provide In Person Physiotherapy to the Greater Toronto Area using your own vehicle & phone.
  • Flexibility to work in the morning, afternoons, evening and weekends.
  • YOU Choose the AREA(S) in the GTA your want to Visit & Service Patients as a Mobile Physio Assistant (MPA).
  • We ask that Physio Assistants follow the Physiotherapist’s instuctions & guidance in providing a caring Physiotherapy experience to our Patients.
  • You must be willing and comply with the Ontario Gov’t Covid-19 Protocols when required.  Please wear your Face Mask when asked by the Ont. Gov’t., Clubb Canada or by your Client(s) at their PHYSIO Sessions.
  • Willing to appear in Clubb Canada social media Ads periodically on Facebook, Instagram & Google etc.
  • Willing to follow Clubb Canada’s Policies and Procedures.


  • SEND Your Resume or “Completed Clubb Canada’s DIGITAL RESUME FORM” with your Personal Training or Fitness Experience, Canfit, Kinesiology, Physiotherapy Education or Experience etc. to
  • Current Certified required stating you have completed a current CPR & FIRST AID Course or are willing to take Clubb Canada’s sponsored course.  We will reimburse your 25% of your course after you complete an approved CPR & FIRST AIR course successfully & email Clubb Canada a copy of your Certificate.  Then, you are covered & insured for typically (3) years.
  • Access to a Vehicle and have a Drivers License & Valid Insurance.
  • Energetic, physically fit, caring, able to work independently and reliable  A team player, results oriented, self motivated with basic email skills.
  • Organized with excellent customer service and communication skills

How to apply:

Contact Randy at