Casual Part Time – Social Media Spokesperson(s)

Females & Males

Casual Part Time Contract

 Receive $20.00 per Organic or Paid social media Video Post



CLUBB CANADA offers viewers Health Services & Products in the comfort of their Home, Condo, Apartment or Business.


  • You will work from your Home or periodically from another location (time paid to travel when req’d & expenses at $ 20.00 per hour).
  • You must be well spoken in the English language & presentable. Possess a good memory to remember scripted lines. Provide a good fluent & fluid script delivery that is engaging, educational & understandable to viewers
  • You are expected to be friendly, professional, neat, clean & presentable in the Videos • You will use your current 5G Phone, Tablet or Computer to produce, videos, edit & post primarily High-Quality Videos on social media.
  • Knowledge of using your Phone Camera competently, or other technical device to Video yourself, enhance, edit & post completed Videos on social media after, approval by Clubb Canada.
  • You will be provided with an approved Script for Videos & Blogs by Clubb Canada.
  • You will be expected to complete, edit & post the Script content to promote, advertise & help sell Clubb Canada’s Fitness & Physiotherapy services, plus, Health, Technical products & services on social media sites ie: Facebook, Instagram & Google etc.
  • Pay starts at $20.00 per Organic social media Post (15 seconds to 60 seconds Videos in length) or Paid social media Post Video Ad (15 seconds to 90 seconds in length) to Post Videos or Scripted Blogs.
  • You will be supplied & use a Script approved by Clubb Canada for Videos & Blogs. You will be expected to Post Scripted Videos & Blogs approx. 2 to 6 times per week.
  • Knowledge of operating Videos, enhancing, editing & up loading Videos to platforms ie: Instagram, Facebook, Google etc. is expected.
  • Knowledgeable in use of relevant Tags to describe Video content, building backlinks to the Videos, setting up Video titles, descriptions & req’d buttons ie: Learn more, Book Now etc.
  • Willing & comply wearing Clubb Canada Apparel & others Apparel, Clothing Products from other Brands as requested.
  • Showing, displaying & explaining products & technical devices as requested.
  • Replying back to Viewers, Clients & Patients to answer questions when Clubb Canada requests paid $20.00 per hour or Video

IMPORTANT : If you are a Female or Male seriously interested in this Position please read this Script & wear clothing requested above where possible preferably a Red, White or Black T-Shirt with Gym Shorts & runners. NOTE : START the Video Ad with – SCENE A) You are in a seated position on your sofa or chair in the middle of your living room TAKE a Runners to Head Shot & speak clearly into your Camera’s Video & Audio.   –  ” Hi, I am ( ? Please speak your First Name only ) Clubb Canada’s Spokesperson. I am here to inform you about CLUBB CANADA’s Fit, Physio, Health Products & Services to help improve your Life’s Journey.  SCENE B) You stand up & take 1 Step towards the Camera for a Head & Shoulder Shot of You & deliver these lines into your Camera. – ” I want to briefly show & tell you about this new functional Clubb Canada Women’s 2 Piece Long Sleeve Yoga Outfit for Home or Gym Workouts. A seamless ribbed crop top with high waist leggings in 3 colours black, khaki or blue. Size selection Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large. Makes you look sleek, fit & ready for your workout or attractive while working around your home. With an attractive price too only $34.97. Please Press the Learn More button now ! ”  You Perform speaking the Script, Wearing the preferred clothing listed above, Video, Edit & Send your Video to –  ( I look forward to receiving & viewing your Video to help serve as part of your interview. Clubb Canada will contact successful Candidates. Please Note : Be advised Clubb Canada for this interview will not request any further videos, funds, gift cards or any other items from you as sometimes, scammers may try to request to ask for unnecessary monies or extras from you. Thank You for your interest in Clubb Canada. All the Best with Performing & making your Ad Video !  

How to apply:

Contact Randy at